Mounting Substrate

Foamboard: 5mm and 10mm

Lightweight yet rigid and ideal for inexpensive and simple display purposes.

Foam PVC: 3mm – 10mm

A very popular, robust, flexible waterproof substrate which can be glued, screwed and nailed.

Screen Board: 2mm (card)

Lightweight cardboard suitable for semi-permanent displays where minimum weight and thickness is required.

Gator Board: 10mm and 20mm

A strong yet lightweight substrate available with a black or white edge. ideal for displaying fine prints adds extra depth and dimension to your image.

Blockmount: 3mm – 9mm (MDF)

A very stable mounting solution ideal for the long-term display of prints and artwork with black edge finish and hanging device. Straight or routed edge available.

Polycarb: .25mm

Strong flexible substrate which retains no memory, can be rolled. Ideal for exhibition displays

Coreflute: 3mm – 8mm

Inexpensive waterproof outdoor signage

Aluminium frame

A strong yet lightweight aluminium frame available in black, gold and silver. Used with 5mm foamboard to achieve an inexpensive framing solution.